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Regrinding business outlook getting better, per GrindTec

by admin on March 8, 2012

The coming GrindTec 2012 being held this month, March 14-17, in Augsburg, will impressively show how high the demands made on a modern tool-grinding workshop are nowadays. As we saw, when the economy was booming, customers were more inclined to buy a new tool instead of regrinding the old tool. However, the regrinding business is getting better, partly influenced by the reliability and short delivery times of the grinding workshops.

One of the problems the sectors sees lies in the new cheap tools made from carbide metal, such as, for example, circular saw blades. Prof. Wilfried Saxer, General Manager of the German association FDPW, sees the solution in the leading technology in the high-tech tool-grinding workshop: “We must turn to new technologies, of which not everyone is in command. This means that in future diamond fitted or coated chip cutting tools will become much more important, in particular when it is necessary to cut aluminum, wood or plastic. High-tech applications and specialized know-how are the conditions in order to form or sharpen these tools.

Another example for the necessary highly qualified work in tool grinding workshops is the manufacture of specially prepared cutting edges in order to optimize tools and to make them more stable. The Grind Tec will be a platform for the sector at which all these forward-looking technologies will be presented.

Vollmer will be an exhibitor at GrindTech 2012. Switzerland once again dominates the list of foreign companies participating, with 44 % of the foreign companies coming from there. In second place is China, with 8 participating companies, followed by Italy with 7 companies, then Austria and France. For the first time, companies from the US, Israel and Korea will be there. The two companies from the US are: Diacut Inc, Palmer Lake, and Third Wave Systems, Minneapolis. In total, 450 companies from 25 countries are meeting in Augsburg.

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